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Creating a Daily Self-Care Routine with Riley Hemson

October 18, 2022
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Riley Hemson aka @healthygirl101 has got a bit on. Besides being a long-time Jeuneora ambassador, she’s also an entrepreneur, model, influencer and body confidence advocate. After moving from Wellington to Australia, her profile has continued to rise which has led to regular work with huge fashion brands - plus she’s also created her own two successful fashion labels - Remmie by Riley, and Jorja & Joseph. For someone juggling so many plates, a self care routine isn’t just a nice to have - it’s a must have.

We recently sat down with Riley to talk about all things self care, finding balance, her favourite supplements and getting the tea on her skin care routine.

Riley Hemson standing in bathroom with a facemask on her face 

Why is self care important?

There’s a reason it feels like we’re constantly hearing about self care these days. We’re busy, we’re stressed all the time, we’re easily distracted and we’re overwhelmed. Modern life can sometimes feel like it’s rushing past us far too quickly and this isn’t great for our health. Research suggests that practising self care and having a daily self care routine can have many positive health outcomes: it can be beneficial for our mental health, physical health and self esteem.

Often when you’re busiest, and therefore the most stressed, is when a daily self care routine is most important. Riley suggests finding parts in the day where you know you can be consistent.

“My days can be all over the place, every single day is different which is just the nature of my job(s). The two parts of my day I can control are the beginning and end so I really take this time to reflect, get my priorities in order and focus on self care.”


What are some examples of self care?

Some examples of self care include: improving your sleep quality and maintaining a good sleep routine (our sleep blog has some great tips and tricks), doing exercise you love and enjoy, spending time outside in nature, reading, journaling or expressing gratitude. You could even start by showing yourself some love and following a good skincare routine in the morning and evening as Riley suggests.


How do you create a self care routine?

What works for you in your self care routine might not work for everyone else - it’s all about finding whatever promotes health and happiness for you! For Riley, it’s about finding the joy in the little moments.

“Small moments like my cup of coffee in the morning (with Naked Collagen of course hehe), patting my dogs, doing my skincare and my hot shower at the end of the day is how I make time for myself.”
Morning coffee with reading book and Jeuneora Naked Collagen Marine Collagen Powder

Riley also stresses that self care doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive.

“Self care isn't about setting aside three hours to go and get your hair done, it's about all the little things you do each day that bring you joy.”

If you’re still stuck on where to begin, Riley suggests committing to three things to make you feel good every day.

“Hydrate: make sure you're drinking enough water. Connect: whether it’s a phone call while you're driving to work or a goodnight message, make the effort to connect with family or a friend. Walk: even just a 10-minute walk in the fresh air makes SUCH a difference to my mood.”


Riley’s tips for the ultimate day-off / self care day.

“On my days off I will go all out. Start with a clean house of course. Then it's a bath, face mask, hair mask, candles lit. Then hopping into bed with fresh sheets to probably watch Desperate Housewives. Cannot beat that feeling!”


What supplements are important for a daily wellness routine?

Riley suggests including supplements that you enjoy taking and incorporating them into a daily routine. Knowing you’re doing something good for your body, whilst also enjoying the taste of experience of it, is a great way to make something stick in your routine.

“My Renew+ Marine Collagen Super Powder has been a constant for years now. Beauty Sleep Adaptogenic Super Powder has recently become a must in my routine - the perfect wind down at the end of the day.”


Looking after your skin - our favourite type of self care

A regular morning and evening skincare routine is an easy way to add an element of self care into your day.

ThemGenes Serum is on my skin every single night without fail, it has to be one of my absolute Holy Grails. But honestly, I have a whole skincare roster with my Jeuneora products and could never pick just one.” said Riley

When it comes to photoshoots (a regular occurrence for Riley) there are a few must-haves that she adds into her routine to keep her skin healthy and refreshed.

“The pre and post photoshoot skin prep I do: I will always use the Clarifying Booster the night before a shoot, I wake up hydrated and glowing! and I use the SupearlaNova face polish post photoshoot to give my skin a good exfoliation after having makeup on my skin for hours.”

Jeuneora SupearlaNova Face Polish tube laying on bathroom bench with sparking product squeezed out. 

Creating a self care routine with Jeuneora

Make like Riley and start your own self care routine and incorporate some Jeuneora products to make your “me time” extra special.


Create a morning self care ritual just for you

Instead of sculling your coffee on the go, try carving out a little time to find a quiet spot to sit and enjoy your morning hot drink before the day kicks into gear. Bonus: add a scoop of Naked Collagen.


Make movement that you enjoy a priority

This should be something that works for you and that you enjoy. If you’re starting out or not feeling motivated - even a 10-minute walk is an awesome place to start. Try adding things into your movement that make you enjoy it even more - it could be listening to your favourite music or podcast or heading out with a friend. You could also create a post movement ritual where you enjoy your favourite drink or supplement: Renew+ Marine Collagen Super Powder is a delicious way to get some fluid on board and support your hair, skin, nails, immunity and gut health at the same time.


Create a nightly self care routine that you love

Creating a regular evening routine is a great way to support your sleep hygiene while also capping off your day by doing something loving for yourself.

About half an hour before bed, enjoy a cup of our delicious hot chocolate - Beauty Sleep. The Pistachio Extract and Adaptogenic Mushrooms help you unwind, relax and support a better quality of sleep.

Creating a beauty and skincare routine that you enjoy is also a great way to end the day. There are even some skincare products you can include that will help optimise your sleep experience thanks to special scent technology: ThemGenes Serum or GoNightly Overnight Repair Cream - both totally dreamy ways to end the day!

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