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A pottle and glass of Jeuneora Renew+ collagen powder

Supplement recycling

Although our 100% sugarcane plastic supplement containers and traditional plastic lids are widely accepted by nearly all local government recycling schemes, we know that approximately 40% of recyclable plastic still sadly ends up in a landfill.
Woman holds two Jeuneora Brightening Booster Serums

Skincare recycling

Although most of our skincare packaging contains a % of recycled plastic, unfortunately (like most skincare products), our skincare can’t be recycled curbside because of the different types of plastic used to make the moving parts.
Jeuneora recycling with Jeuneora recycling bag

Our guarantee

This is why we created the Jeuneora Recycling Programme. This programme is free to use for our customers in New Zealand & Australia. Grab a free Jeuneora Return Bag (made from recycled plastic), then collect and return all of your empty Jeuneora plastic packaging to be sorted and recycled free of charge.
Hand holding up Jeuneora Beauty Brain Super Powder

A second life

Our recycling partners will shred, wash and melt your empties into raw materials that can be used as an alternative to virgin plastic to make things like outdoor furniture and children's’ playgrounds.
It's easy to participate
Jeuneora Renew+ and Beauty Well super capsules sitting on bathroom shelf

1. Grab your free pre-addressed Jeuneora Return Bag from our online store. Click here to add one to your cart.

2. Collect your empty Jeuneora packaging over the next few months and pop it in the Return Bag.

3. In NZ: Once your bag is full, drop your Return Bag at your local post office. In Aus: Book a pick up for your full Return Bag with DHL from your location of choice. Click here.