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Explore our filler-free, 100% natural calming supplements designed for stress support. Our plant-based formulations contain nootropic ingredients and adaptogens to support mood balance, energy levels, mental clarity and your ability to cope with stress.

Stress Supplements

How calming supplements can help with stress support

Support your ability to cope with occasional stress with our range of stress support supplements. Formulated with nootropics and adaptogens, our stress supplements will support you to feel calmer and more balanced.

So why should we supplement with adaptogens to support stress management? When we face a stressor, our bodies go through a General Adaptation Syndrome which is a three-stage response: alarm, resistance and exhaustion. Adaptogens can help you stay in the resistance phase for longer: instead of crashing, you carry on. You'll find adaptogens in Beauty Sleep Adaptogenic Super Powder and Beauty Well Super Capsules.

Nootropics like Bluenesse™ Lemon Balm Extract (found in Beauty Brain Super Powder) have calming benefits that work to support a calm, positive mood, concentration and your ability to cope with occasional stress.

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